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Placement Paper Pune February 2012 by Sasken

Details of Placement Paper Pune February 2012 by Sasken conducted by Sasken for job interview.
Sasken PAC on line test on C programming. It consists three sections

Time duration:90 Minutes

a)Basic C

b)Advanced C

c) Expert C

Second and Third Round

Sasken Technical and HR Interview

Some of Interview Questions are:

1. Tell me about your self ?

2. Tell me about your project ?

3. What is difference between enum & union in C (not structure & union) ?

4. What is the specific use of union in C i.e particular application of union ?

5. What are the Universal gates? why? Implement X-OR & OR gate from that ?

6. What is difference between Voice & Audio ? (General Question)

7. What is difference between Hobby & Interest ? (General Question)

8. What is Padding concept in C programming.

9. What is AVL & Binary Tree ?

10. Write program to insert & delete node from Doubly Linked List ?

11. Tell me sorting techniques that u know? Explain two of them ?

12. How much max. switch cases can we give in Switch statement ?

13. Can u give new name to main function ? if yes, how ?

14. What is default value of float in advance compiler ? (Ans- 0.00)

15. if i is static. i++ -i++ +++i ---i = ? in C.

16. Difference between bitwise AND & logical AND ? explain with example.

17. Tell me about storage classes? for loop variable which u,ll preffer ?

18. Write just 4 line program & check whether in given string, there are number of opening & closing braces are same or not ?

19. How to see, total memory consumed by our C program ?

20. puzzle: You have 3 boxes, one contain red balls, second contain green balls & third contain mix balls (red + greens). red balls box have red labble on it. green balls box have green labble & mix balls box have r+g labble. Now, all the labbles are made wrong i.e. like red to green, r+g to red, green to r+g. now, u have to just select one ball from any one box & do labbles correct. HOW ?

21. How to Play song from C program ?