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Whole Testpaper Meritrac, New Delhi 12 August 2006 by SAP

Details of Whole Testpaper Meritrac, New Delhi 12 August 2006 by SAP conducted by SAP for job interview.

This paper was quite different from the previously stated ones.

2 sections only. 30 mins each.
No negative marking. (although the page said -0.25... i was informed by the stupid guys when i was on the 2nd section!!!!!!)
All questions on a single scroll down page.
No RDBMS!!!!
Once the first 30 mins are over u ca,t go back to the previous section.

Section 1 : Logical Reasoning (only 2-3 questions on %age,etc very simple)
30 questions/30 Mins.
1.(easy) ABCDEFG are lessons... they need to be taught according to some 5-6 given conditions ....
a) Which is the correct order?
b)Which lesson is a must if only 4 need to be taught.

2.(easy)Two politicians...winner % votes recd of total votes...?

3.Batsman...average runs in first innings... (lengthy question).

3 or 4 questions on Sufficiency.. (a lil tricky)

5 questions on replace the mathematical operators and evaluate... (Do we use BODMAS here???)

Basically all the questions very easy... i f u preapred for CAT even for just 1 month u,d get thru. But the questions were very much not solvable in 30 mins..

Section 2 : Technical (Algorithms/GraphTheory/C)
30 questions/30 mins

2-3 code snippets were given.. had to choose the correct algo complexity (big O)
1 code completion snippet on DFS (depth first search) (very easy)
1 question where graph was drawn.. had to choose the shortest path!! (childs play!!!)
Q) const can be used with a)array b)identifirer c)array argument d)all
Q) Find the incorrect statement : ans : dynamic allocation is done at compile time. (false)
Q)same ques repeated twice " what does adjacency matrix show?"
Q) 2-3 questions on prefix/postfix/infix conversion. (easy)

I finished the second section with 4 mins to spare. It was very easy. But the first was too lengthy and frustrating...besides they din tell me soon enough that there was no -ve marking.