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Labs Whitefield ,9 April 2011 by SAP

Details of Labs Whitefield ,9 April 2011 by SAP conducted by SAP for job interview.
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1) What is meant by Database view?
2) What is the difference between Truncate and Round?
3) Explain database schema ?
4) Explain bug life-cycle ?
5) Hans is standing behind Gerry and Gerry is standing behind Hans. How is this possible at the same time?
6) 361-->22, 121-->14, 81-->12, 25-->......?
a) 8, b) 10, c) 24, d)5
7) How do you test a stapler?
8) A website content is changing dynamically. How do you test this website?
9) 7 people are traveling in a bus. Each of them has 7 bags. Each bag contains 7 cats. Each cat has 7 small cats. How many legs were traveling in the bus?
a) 10990, b) 1376, c) 1342, d) 60
10) The unix server got hanged-up abruptly. How do you shutdown the server?
a) kill -9, b) kill -9 PID, c) init d) init 6
Totally 16 questions were there. I am not able to remember remaining question..

Questions were damn easy. They(SAP guys) would look at your approach towards the question. No matter even if you score 15/16, candidate will not be selected. Negative marking was there.