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5 September 2011 ,Whole Testpaper by Samsung

Details of 5 September 2011 ,Whole Testpaper by Samsung conducted by Samsung for job interview.
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Samsung SEL Placement paper it-bhu 5th sep 2011

Hello everybody,
I am ......... student of MCA from Banaras Hindu University. Samsung(SEL) visited to our Campus on 5th sep 2011.They conducted the test sharp at 10:00 am. The test pattern has following procedure-
There were total four rounds in the selection process
1. Gsat(Global Samsung Aptitude Test)
2. Technical paper based on C,C++,Data Structure, Operating Systems
3. Techincal Interview
4.HR Round

First Round included total 50 questions in which
25 questions were from quantitative aptitude
(That had 20 questions based on Data Interpretation and 5 questions based on simple arithmetic)
25 questions were from reasoning all are based on puzzle.
(there are given certain conditions and we had to find solution based on these conditions)

Second Round :
This round has technical paper in which 20 question were from C &C++ (only 2 questions from c++),5 questions from D.S and 5 from OS. Here are some questions
1. The following program fragment
for( i=3; i