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Guru Nanak Khalsa Sr. Sec. School ,25 September 2011 by Sail

Details of Guru Nanak Khalsa Sr. Sec. School ,25 September 2011 by Sail conducted by Sail for job interview.
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My center is Guru Nanak Khalsa Sr. Sec. school
Sector 30-B,Chandigarh

First i tel you about the paper pattern there was total 200 question and time is 150 mint. There are two sections part 1 is Technical question(100) and part2 is non-tech, with sub sechion with, 25 apti, 25 reasoning, 25 Gk & gs, 25 english. Ant time is also diveded first 75 mint. Are only for technical portion and remaning 25 are for non-tech.

Now i give the detail of the paper My branch in ECE, so techincal question are

There are many question on nerwork therom and circuits. In EDC and ANALOG- they ask 2 quest from rectifiers and 1-2 quest. From linear wave shaping, From DIGITAL & MICRO processor- 1-2 quest. On counters, many quest on digital circuits, in microprocessor and controller- they ask many quest. So be prepared

In comm- they ask ask anlog comm. Numerical simpleone, they also ask 3-4ques. From anntena and radar, from digital comm i dont rember

In control quest come from laplace, stability effect when a pole is added to trasfer fuction, there are also many unexpected quest on mechanical part aslo

In signal and system there is quest. On relation b/w laplace and fouier transform, and many more quest. Are there.

In all technical part is typical many thertical quest. So prepared very very hard give more stress on basics

PART2- non tech

GK & GS- Very tough many quest on indian constituion and LIFE Science

1. Indian National Army in 1943 was formed at:

2. NRSA centre location

3. name of India-France joint naval exercise

4. Rihand Dam id located on which river

5. Election Comission is given status of Constitutional body under article(constitution):

6. Universal Adult Franhise, related article(constitution) number

7. Prohibit of child labour under which article:

8. India among the number of countries having Nuclear Power submarine

9.Financial Emergency under which article:

10.Highest growth of population according to last census among: Tamil Nadu, kerala,Mizoram,nagaland

11. Raths of mahabalipuram were carved under ruler of which dynasty

12. SLR bonds of bank which can be sold anytime under RBI juridisction

13. temperate grassland in Africa is called

14. Which bollywood personaliti is recently awarded highest french honour

15. World Econonmic Outllok is published by

16. Dongria, Jharia belong to which tribes ? bcz recently they were in news in Orrisa due to some land deal related problem

17. India collabarated which country for their AN 32 upgradation

18. Vitamin C is also known as

19. Chemical Compounds which have same chemical prop n all..related ques

20. Plants which grow in shady places are called

21. One more ques. related to biology:

22. Eiffel tower was in which country: