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CPS, Kalikapur, Kolkata ,12 December 2010 by Sail

Details of CPS, Kalikapur, Kolkata ,12 December 2010 by Sail conducted by Sail for job interview.
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General awareness:

101. which one is densely populated state
a. WB b. Bihar c. Uttarpradesh

102. Durand line
a. India/Pakistan b. Pakistan/Afganist c. India/China

103. Rajiv gandhi khel ratna award 2010
a. Saina Nehwal b. Krishna Poonia

104. Cobett national park in which state
a. Uttarkhanda. b.UP

105. Which state recieves the rainfall due to western disturbances
a. Kerala b. Punjab c. Tamilnadu. d. Gujrat

106. Bihu festival in which state
a. Assam, b. Bihar c. Sikkim

107. Kilash Temple in which famous rock
a. Ajanta b. Ellora. c elliphanta

108. Olympic games will held in 2012
a. London b. Chicago c. Rai di jero/brasil

109. Curreny of bhutan
a. ngultram b. rupee c. rial

110. Who invented the indian currency symbol?
a. D. Udaya Kumar b. D. Prashant Kumar

111. Who is the the ex-officio chairman of planning commission
a. President. b vice president c. speaker of loksobha d. Prime-minister