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All India ,25 September 2011 by Sail

Details of All India ,25 September 2011 by Sail conducted by Sail for job interview.
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The duration of test was 2hr 30 minutes and it consisted of 200 questions -
100 technical and 100 from Logical Reasoning/English/General Awareness/Quantitative Ability.
The technical part had basic questions like finding the equivalent resistance of the circuit, control systems n all but a large portion of questions was from Digital Electronics and that too about Microcontroller 8051.
I don,t think 8051 is a part of course in any college still there were questions which required more than just basic knowledge of 8051.
Coming to the other part the English section was quite ordinary. 5 Synonyms and some reading comprehension. Quant section some questions mostly from Compound Interest which was time taking and some questions from stocks which was totally unexpected. In the General Awareness section they expected the candidate to mug up the constitution. There were a few questions about which Article deals with Child labour etc etc. The rest of the questions were about UN and current affairs. Not a single question about sports or Indian Politics or any such thing.