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Paper Whole Testpaper - 24 June 2006 by Quinnox

Details of Paper Whole Testpaper - 24 June 2006 by Quinnox conducted by Quinnox for job interview.
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1)a  d  i  _   y
2)a  z  d  y  h  x   m  ?
3)the fathers age one year back is 4 times the age of son,after 6 years the fathers age exceeds by 9 of the twice of the son,fathers age??
4)1   3   7  15  ?
5)3   4    8   15  31  ??
there r many questions with similar logic u just concentrate on finding the difference between adjacent numbers & relation between the differences to find number in missing sequence
there r some questions regarding matrix where we have to find missing numbers
6) 20    14    8
    10     5     10
    5      ?       3
ans(4)            4 to 5   similar type of questions
7)u have analytical reasoning which is easy for 6 to 7 marks
8) english paragraph in Vth section  this is easy
9)  verbal ability in 4th section
10) questions regarding condtition statements( 5 to 10)
x>=y && y y>z?? true false or ambigious
simila questions
these r also easy
11)a*b=24,b*c=24,b*d=48,a*d=32  then a*b*c*d???
12)in triangle  AB=BC ,then which is false