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Placement Procedure And Placement Paper by QA Infotech

Details of Placement Procedure And Placement Paper by QA Infotech conducted by QA Infotech for job interview.

QA Infotech is the independent offshore test software technology organization. Unbiased software quality testing is the main work in this organization. Main motto of QA Infotech is to be a successful testing partner of every software client.

We strongly believe in nurturing young and dynamic talent and training them hands on to build successful careers in software testing to meet the needs of the industry and the company. Our senior management regularly visits universities from NCR, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi and Tripura to meet students, faculty, share industry knowledge and recruit best talent. We invite you to enroll your university in our campus program list. For more details, please write to us at:

Following is the placement procedure of QA Infotech :

1. Written Test : The first step for placement at QA Infotech is written test. It mainly consists questions on quant ,problem solving and programming.

2. Technical Interview Round-1 : In technical interview they will ask about software testing concepts and some basic programming questions like reverse array and linklist etc.

3. Technical Interview Round-2 : In Technical Interview Round-2 they will some puzzles and ask to make test cases for any object etc .

4. HR Interview : In HR Interview they will generally test your english speaking.

5. CEO Round : In CEO Round, the CEO of the company will ask about yourself and certainly will check your confidence .