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General - Other College Of Engineering Roorkee, Roorkee - 21 March 2007 by Perot

Details of General - Other College Of Engineering Roorkee, Roorkee - 21 March 2007 by Perot conducted by Perot for job interview.
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Perot Systems came to our college on 21st March n selected 33 students out of 600 that appeared in a ,Pool Campus Drive,. 118 students were selected for the technical interview.

50 students were selected for the HR interview. Out of which 33 were selected. The results were declared the next day! ( huh!!! )

The selection procedure was in 3 usual stages-
1. Written test ( 45 min )
a) General series type ques ( 10 ques ...1 mark each )
b) Aptitude test ( 25 ques ...2 mark each )
c) Programming n flowcrt type ques ( 10 ques......5 mark each )
Try to solve the aptitude first...then the series type ques...n only then switch to programming.....i know they would let u score more....but always remember that only teamwork will let u clear the written test ;)

2. English ( 20 min )
25 questions very very easy......they were nothing.

3. Technical Interview
It depends upon the interviewer and ur stream ...CS/IT students must be thorough with Sorting, Searching, CO, etc.. non- CS students shud have good knowledge of C.
It can last 30 min. Also study Data Structures.

Remember ..they can even ask u some HR type questions in the technical interview!!! So be prepared for it!!!

4. HR interview
This is a completely technical interview that thay take. Surprised? ...Yes... they ask u HR ques in technical interview...n Technical ques in HR interivew...For this what u say....there were two interviewers.. Try to talk to both of them even when only one of them has asked u any ques......