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R.M.K.Engineering College by PCS

Details of R.M.K.Engineering College by PCS conducted by PCS for job interview.
1.verbal 15 questions
2.Analytical 15 questions
3.Quantitative 30 questions
The verbal was like filling up the blanks... it covered articles, prepositions,and some common mistakes that we usually commit while using English (eg: like we say today evening instead of this evening).This section was quite easy dont take more than 10 min.
Analytical was also the logical thinking will help u more..this was my favourite part..very easy questions and I took last 10 min to solve this section..questions like relation puzzle,cubes puzzle,round table arrangement puzzle were present.
Here comes the most important section..they themself asked us to concentrate more on this part...I found it a bit tough..but remembering formulas and some technical methods of solving will make it easier..questions were from R.S.Agarwal covering percentage,proportion(especially milk water problem),profit or loss,SI...nearly 10 out of 30 were profit loss problem...

Nearly 120 to 130 attended this test n 80 were selected for next round

Second was the GD..
we were grouped as 10 members per team..we introduced ourselves n they asked us to give pnts why GD..when I gave my point I was appreciated n this gave me a good start.. then they asked us why Patni n why we choose computer field... then they gave us the topic.. r topic was ,Is China a threat to Indian software company,..they look only that we open up in delivering our points..Initialising alone wont help..infact the person who initiated in r team was rejected.. the main reason is he gave only one point n remained quite for the rest of the discussion... so key poi nt to be remembered for success in this section is be clear with ur points grab the chance to speak up, encourage ur team members who r quite to speak up(this shows ur leadership quality which pleases them )

Nearly 45 were selected to next round

Finally we had the Personal interview..
this is the coolest part...r Hr was cool enough.. a feel like speaking with a friend..
first ques to give the study history and family background..
one interesting thing happened..... instead of saying "I have a younger sister", I said it as "I have a younger daughter".. then we both of us laughed.. then I had few questions from technical part..I answered them well...
finally he asked "Do u have ne ques??". this was a nice chance for me..I asked him three questions..when I entered he mentioned tat compared to all I did the quantitative part more better so I asked him the marks which I scored in aps.. then I asked what they expected from a fresher.. he gave a big lecture n one thing he stressed is tat they expect the communication.. finally I asked him about my performance .. he gave some tips to improve my skills... thats it...