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Placement Papers And Selection Process by Parametrix

Details of Placement Papers And Selection Process by Parametrix conducted by Parametrix for job interview.
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Parametrix is an IT software development and services company incorporated in year 2004.

Parametrix is experienced in providing solutions to:-
• Banks
• Stock Broking Firms
• Asset Management Companies
• Insurance Companies
• Pharmaceuticals Companies
• Manufacturing Industry
• Sports Bodies
• Shipping and Logistics Companies

As a 100% employee-owned firm, Parametrix place a great deal of emphasis on recruiting, supporting, and retaining great employee-owners. We are excited that you’re considering Parametrix and look forward to working with you throughout the recruitment process.

Here is the process for getting an opportunity to work in Parametrix :

First Round – Online test (Objective)
a) Consist of 15 to 30 questions
b) Time duration : 25 to 40 minutes
c) It contains questions to test person’s basic intelligence, aptitude and logical reasoning skills

Second round - Written test
a) Programming Test (using C or C++ or C# or Java or PHP or Python or algorithm or pseudo-code)
b) It checks more on person’s ability to program and to solve a problem rather than syntactical/grammatical checks of any particular programming languages
c) Time duration : 30 to 40 minutes

Third round - Technical + HR Interview

Important Note - Each round is elimination round. To qualify for the next round, candidate has to clear the previous one.