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Hyderabad - Find Paper 12 by ONGC

Details of Hyderabad - Find Paper 12 by ONGC conducted by ONGC for job interview.
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1) General Awareness
2) Subjective test.

In First Paper there are 50 multiple choice questions. In out of 50 we have to attempt any 40 questions(40*1=40). And 2 descriptive question.(2*5=10)
Questions on longest, biggest, tallest like all facts.
Ex. In India which state have more population density.
2) Who started muslim league.

Descriptive question are
1)As an ONGC employe how do you conserve energy in plant.
2). How do you conserve energy in India .

In paper two there are 75 multi choice questions. Out of 75 we have to attempt 60 only]
(60*1.5=90marks) And 2 descriptive question.(2*5=10).
In subject also they asked about basics only
Ex. 1) What is the first law of thermodynamics.
2). What is magnetic flux .
3) What is B-E constant.

Any way I wrote well. Now I am working for HPCL (onroll).My dear friends prepare well for the exam.