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Find Paper 11 - Hyderabad by ONGC

Details of Find Paper 11 - Hyderabad by ONGC conducted by ONGC for job interview.
1)General awareness 40 q
2)Subect Specialization 80q
2 descriptive questions in each section.
no negative marking.
General awareness
1)which is the highest peak in south Africa?
2)according to Indian constituency the reservations are on what basis?
3)recently who won the Rajiv Khel Rathna award?
4)yuki Bhambri relates to which sport?
5)who brought the Gandhi,s memorials in south Africa?
6)who is the chairman of drafting committee of Indian constitution?
7)the quit India moment started in which year?
8)the border line between India and china?
9)lalgarh is related to which state?
10)obama won noble prize on his contribution to?
11)the first or starting page of any website is known as?
12)vitamin B12 is known as?
13)(some lake name i forgot) is in which state?
14)lowest growth of population in which state?
15)vasco di gama came to which place in India on his see route?
16)before India has selected for 2010 common wealth games, which only country in Asia conducted these games?
Subject specialization
descriptive questions
1)what are the problems cause in urban areas due to large scale migration?
2)write a short notes on the following?
1 process annealing
2 normalizing
3 case hardening
2 define tool life? types of mentioning tool life? illustrate how wear land increase with machining time?