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Sample Exam Paper 1 - Delhi by NFL

Details of Sample Exam Paper 1 - Delhi by NFL conducted by NFL for job interview.
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Test Format:
150 Ques
2 h 30 min
no negative marking....

Two Sections

Sec A- 50 Ques GK and Appti
most of them were current affairs very easy

some were base on Aptitude like

5-9+3+2+5-9+3+2+5-9+3+2+����. What is the sum of first 50 terms? (Ans 8)

Speed distance, Average, Time, AP, GP,

Sec B-100 Ques Tech

Most of there were Computer Graphics only

Some of was Networking, Digital logic, OS �..

Some Tips

U will find enough time to do problems so o not hurry�

Ques will be straight and simple, u can do them in once

Just read the current affairs (last 3 to 4 months)�.

And for tech have the basic introduction to the Computer Graphics..