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Placement Paper Wesley Junior College For Girls Hyderabad 4 April 2010 by NFL

Details of Placement Paper Wesley Junior College For Girls Hyderabad 4 April 2010 by NFL conducted by NFL for job interview.
I wrote NFL written exam on 4 -4 2010. iam ECE student applied under Instrumentation displine for the post of Mangement Trainee.

The paper consists 150 questions.and time is 150 min(2hr.30minn).the time is enough for exam,because all questions are direct bits(theory bits) .

Total: 150 ques

:20 bits GK+ 30 aptitude + 100 technical bits

Gk bits:

This section is very easy,no need to prepare separately,just watch TV news / read paper dailey after notification

out of 20 bits 15 bits are current updates and 5 bits are general knowledge

some bits what I remember r

Three bits on budjet

1. incometax exemption for general people

2. incometax exemption for female

3. incometax exemption for senioe citijons

Two bits on sports

1. howmany teams r playing in IPL

2. how many countries r participatrd in hocky tournament conducted in Delhi

some bits on gk like who is the PM at the time of Blue star

which contains more iron a) carrot b) tamoto .

Some more bits on minimum knowledge.


this section consists 3 or 4 types of questions.

1) few ques like sdjhqkmd coded as 23456781 and zxcbvm coded as 345298 then sxvmbv is coded as

3 or 4 ques like this

3 or 4 ques on datainterpretation .thes very easy ques.

3 or 4 ques on general aptitude ,these r also very easy

1).i read of pages on one day and 4/5 of remaining pages on second day.if daily read 8hrs.

Remaining ques also very easy,no need to prepare any book.


Total 100 ques.

3 or 4 ques from digital electronics + 3 or 4 from communications +3 or 4 from conrolsystems. + 3 or 4 ques from ADCand DAC.Remaining all ques from instrumentations.

Digital Electronics:

1) how many NAND gates r required to represent Half adder sum

2). 2 more ques also easy


1) one ques based on stability.

2) Two ques also very easy.


Very basic ques all r easy. one ques on Flash type converter .

Maximum voltage is given then find resolution?

1 or 2 ques also very easy.

Instrumentation :

1) more ques from 1) Transducers 2) Telementry

All ques from above two topics are very easy,all ques from basics.some ques r like

1)Telemetry is ---------- device a)anlog b)digital c)boath a and b d)none

2)MTTF means--------

a) mean time to failure b)minimum time to failure c)maximum time to failure

3) two more abrivations on basics ,these r started with M

(three letters M--)

3) LVDT -----------------

a) Linear Variable digital transducer b) linear voltagec). D)

All ques from instrumentation are very very very easy. Just remember all basic topics,all ques direct ques.

After writtentest selected candidates called for interview. So written exam is very easy ,iam electronics student.ifelt all ques r easy,.for instrumentation people no need separate preparation,they directly go for exam .