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Placement Procedure And Papers by Morgan Stanley

Details of Placement Procedure And Papers by Morgan Stanley conducted by Morgan Stanley for job interview.

Morgan Stanley is an American multinational financial services corporation that, through its subsidiaries and affiliates, provides securities products and services to customers, including corporations, governments, financial institutions, and individuals. The company operates in three business segments: Institutional Securities, Global Wealth Management Group, and Asset Management.

Here is the placement procedure of Morgan Stanley in detail :

1. Apply online : They accept applications on their careers website. Deadlines vary by division and country, so check online. The Asia Pacific application deadlines are earlier than other regions.

Clearly list your graduation date and current cumulative GPA, and submit a cover letter. They look for well-rounded individuals with diverse backgrounds. Don’t just write about your academic achievements, tell them about your interests, experiences, and what makes you unique.

2. PPT : The company will give a PPT when they visit your campus. They will ask you questions from you related to PPT they gave. So, you should carefully watch and listen to their PPT.

3. Written Test : The test consists of three sections. The first section is Computer fundamentals section. It contains 10 questions. The second section is technical section. This section consists of 30 questions. They offer a choice in the technical section, you can opt for C, C++ or JAVA. The third and last section is logical reasoning section. It consists of 10 questions. Time allowed for the written test is 90 minutes.

4. Group Task : For the group task round, they will dive shortlist people to teams of 5 random people. And they will give a task to construct any building or any physical structure with straws and pins.And also you need to represent a company with that structure. You need to decide name of company, slogan, and logo of company . But initially they will tell you time is 1 hour. After 25 min they will tell that unfortunately time has been reduced to 45 min. Actually they intentionally decrease time to check your response. After 45 min, each team needs to give 5 minute presentation about their company and each team can find pros and cons of other team.

You are watched while doing tasks too. So please don't do any over actions infront of them . No elimination after Group task. But your performance is counted in HR interview.

5. First-round interviews : First-round interviews may take place on the telephone, via video conferencing or on campus and focus on a combination of technical, competency and motivational questions. Some of their divisions may include language proficiency analysis.

6. Final-round interviews : They conduct final-round interviews in person at their offices or on campus. These could be a series of one-on-one talks, technical interviews, and group exercises, depending on the division.