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Lynch - 2008 by Merrill

Details of Lynch - 2008 by Merrill conducted by Merrill for job interview.
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Paper Details: 40 questions based on Unix, C,data structures,Rdbms concepts

please be strong in unix
all are basic commands
like how to sort?

how to search?

what command is used to save?

echo command is used for what purpose?

how to move the cursor to line 20 ?

C and Data structures:

basic c concepts and data structures

in c very basic questions
sample program and to check the output

simple basic concepts

then data structures is bit tough but little revision will do.

left child right child problems

they will give a big program in C and ask us to find from the choice what function will be used to delete the left child.

and about the what algorithm will be used in DFS & BFS search

and finally to check your English skills they will give sample situation like you are editor of Readers Digest you should ask your readers to renewal their subscription since they are nearing the renewal period and it should be with in 75-150 letters.

This will be the first round then for the second round it will be a technical round

first you will be asked about your project you have to explain about your project clearly

Then you will be tested for your

Unix,C,C++,java ,DBMS

not only basics they will also go deep concepts.


you will be tested here with basic commands again


basic as well as advance concepts

difference between C & C++

OOPS concepts

this will be in basic and in advance they will ask for structures Unions pointers too


You will be drilled here with all the advance concepts go prepare for RDBMS

like joins, sub quries, Store procedures, Views, group by order by and DISTINCT their differences

finally if you are selected you will be explained about the company and nature of your job

the next round will be client interview round where you will be meeting some of their foreign clients they will test your english skills here if yo are unlucky you will be also checked with the technical.
this round the client will explain about their products and wat v should do and every thing.

All The Best.