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Paper Candidates Experiences by Mentor

Details of Paper Candidates Experiences by Mentor conducted by Mentor for job interview.
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D |---------|Q, D|-------|
-----| |------------| |--------Q
| | | |
clk--|--|> |--- |---|> |--------
| | --------| | |--------|
| |

(based on this figure 2 questions)

1. positive or negative triggering?

2. Delay of first filp flop is d1 and delay of second flipflop is d2. What is satup and read out times

3. what is the representation in -2 box for 3 and -3 ? only 0 an 1 are allowed.

4. An 8 bit full adder is constructed by
(i) by using Halfadder(conventional)
(ii) 2 4 bit carry lookhead adder
If delay fo Half adder is 1 Unit. what is the delay in the above two cases.

5. Side of regular hexagon is 1cm. What is its area?

6. S->AX/y
B->X/y find S value( I think this from compiler design)

7. a=a^b
a=a^b find values of a,b? (^ exclusive or)

8. In this question Inorder and Preorder is given. Question is to find Postorder.

9. count=0;
return count;

i=21,22 same count. For what other values of i we get same count?

10. A matrix A[i][j] is given. If we want to add the elements of the matrix which method is better? why
1) column wise 2) row wise

11. The tridiognal matrix is represented in linked list form. To retrive the matrix in tridiognal from what method is used?
( four options were given)
1) 2) 3) 4)

12. Which Data structres is used for DFS?

13. If number of nodes =n. What is the min and max levels.

14. 1,3 1,4 5,7 1,3
-- --- --- ---

Total No. of slots =4. After 4 slots what are free remaining pages?

15. for n
return 1
else return f(n-1)*f(n-2)

Find order of f(n).

16. Bubble sort complexity is greater than quick srot.
(TRUE OR FALSE questions.)

17. Two binary numbers a and b its one,s complement are
for a=0100
for b=1001
What is the decimal addition of a&b.