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Whole Testpaper RIT College Of Engg, Sakhrale - 6 June 2007 by Mastek

Details of Whole Testpaper RIT College Of Engg, Sakhrale - 6 June 2007 by Mastek conducted by Mastek for job interview.


Hi friends............ Mastek is very good company & give ur best 2 be a MASTEKEER.
Total 80 questions,no sectional cutoff, -ve marking 0.25 marks
1] Aptitude
2] Technical interview
3] Personal interview

1] Aptitude:
this section consist of 3 sub sections such as logical, mathematics,verbal
logical is very very easy. maths is bit tougher than logical , but if u have gone through R.S. Agarwal then no problem at all. 1st solve logical section, after that solve maths section. dnt attempt Question on flow chart  they r confusing and time consuming so go 4 flow chart Q only if time permitts .

verbal section is not that easy as other 2 sections. questions such as choose appropriate phrase and questions on passage were there. passage was very lengthy. so i suggest go 4 tis section after solving logical & maths section but solve this b4 solving    flow chart questions.

2] Technical interview
my interviewer was very friendly.interview lasted for 45 min . mastek is mainly looking 4   your logical thinking and programing i am from ECE questions were based on C    for CSE students questions on JAVA were asked, he asked me questions such as
1) write prog 4 swapping  using TEMP variable and also using pointers
2) questions on functions , call by value , call by referance
3) syntax
4) questions on array , pointers etc etc.....
5)  then some questions based on 8085
6) 1 easy prog on 8085 such as swaping , avg of 5 no
7) gave 2 puzzles 2 solve. puzzles r 4m shakuntala devi
8) he asked me lots of questions on project. be prepared
after long 45 min of my life i was quite confident . i was able 2 ans his all questions he was very  impressed .be confident while answering and maintain eye contact & dnt try 2 fool interviewer. if u dnt knw any ans then say i am sorry sir nt able 2 recall ans.

3] personal interview:
interviewer was quite rude after all he was doing his job. interview was stress interview questions such as 
1)tell me something abt u which u havnt mentioned in resume, 
2) why ur % r decreasing
3) why software field?
4)present ur thoughts on poverty and reservations
5) and many other general questions
interview lastd for 45 min, was looking 4 confidence and communication skill 350 students appeared for aptitude, 37 for interviews and finally they selected only 7 this was my 1st interview m so happy of luck friends