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Soft Placement Paper Dayanand Sagar College Of Engineering 14 August 2010 by LG

Details of Soft Placement Paper Dayanand Sagar College Of Engineering 14 August 2010 by LG conducted by LG for job interview.
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The written test consisted of totally 60 questions and 1 hour was the time given.45 questions were from c and remaining 15 from aptitude.Don,t worry you can finish all questions in c in around 30 minutes....concentrate more in aptitude beacuse they were very difficult ones.The result was announced in the evening of same day.There were 1900 students out of which 223 were selected.I was one of them.
The second round was after two days.Guys were called in batches.I was called on the day two.I was supposed to be there before 9:30.I reached there by 10.After some time i was called.The guy who took my interview was very cool.Moreover i was fasting on that day so i couldn,t have faced a tough guy.The questions he asked were very very difficult.Some of them are how can you reach middle node in a linked list without knowing the number of nodes.What is the difference between constant int,constant static int and Why pointers are not used in java and lot more which i was not aware with.And also he asked all the details of project.
I thought i was rejected but luckily that intelligent interviewer selected me.only 30 from 233 were selected on day 3 which was last day of interview.

The third round was the easiest one.The mam who was the hr was very sweet.She asked me questions like family background,How is my life so far,Motivators,What if you get selected in Some other good company, will you stay back or leave us,What are my likes and dislikes etc.

Almost everyone had a very nice last round.25 out of 30 were selected.