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Technologies Placement Paper HR Interview 2012 by LCube

Details of Technologies Placement Paper HR Interview 2012 by LCube conducted by LCube for job interview.
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Job interview is a sales talk

It does not matter what kind of job you are applying for at the moment. In an interview, you are selling yourself. Interviewers represent the potential customers and you represent a product. They think about it this way:

Is this product good for our company? Is the price we have to pay for it every month worth it? Is this product better than the other products?

This is the way they look at you and other job seekers, doesnt matter if they realize it consciously or not. So similarly to any other sale, you have to convince the potential customers that your product (meaning yourself) is worth to buy. If you do not do so, they wont buy it

Therefore in the job interview you should NOT talk mostly about what you have studied and where you have worked. These are just the features of you, of the product. But employers are looking for the benefits. For this reason, you should rather talk about benefits your experiences and skills can bring to the company of potential employer. It seems similar, but the difference is amazing. Lets have a look at two following examples, in that you should understand the difference:

Extra efforts bring extra results

Do you have an idea how many job seekers bring to the interview printed references of their work or their interview portfolio? From every ten job seekers, less than one person does so. It is hard to believe, but it is true.

What you do for an interview always reflects how strong your interest for the job is. You should prepare something extra, to strengthen your chances of being chosen. Basic interview portfolio, or even some suggestions for the company are okay. We can not fool the law of action and reaction. Going an extra mile before the job interview will easily secure you a job.

Believe into yourself

There is a value in people like you. You just have to believe it and show it to the employer. Even if you failed in 100 interviews before, you still can succeed. The failure from the past has nothing to do with your actual chances of acing the job interview. We are hundred percent sure that there are employers for that you have a great value as a potential employee.

You just have to believe it in your heart, use the previously presented job interview tips to show it the employers in a correct way and get a job. Believe it and get it. We know you are capable of that. But, do you believe that?

And if you have no relevant experience for the job, it is better to say that you are very effective in work and motivated learner, than to pretend that you do not need to learn anything.

Recruiters are in general clever people. They are paid their salaries every month for a reason. You should not try to fool them, even if some other websites with job interview tips advice you to do so. It is not possible to fool them. Honesty is a rare character feature nowadays and is going to be even more rare in the future. Show it in the job interview and the employers will love you.

List of most common interview questions and answers

Can you tell me something about yourself?

This is typically the first question in the job interview. If you answer it well, you will make a good first impression, feel better and logically have better chances to get a job.

You should focus on work related things in your answer. That means, what you do, what you are good at, what you have done before, what are you looking for in your career, etc.

Why did you apply for this job?

Interviewers need to understand your intentions. And it is perfectly all right and good for you. If you prepare a good answer to this interview question, you can convince them right in the beginning that you are the best person for the job.

The key thing is to speak about the company, not about you (this will be deeply described later). Anyway, you should definitely spend some time reading company website and the job description, so you know what to answer to this interview question. Here are two good examples:

I decided to apply because I really like the vision of your company and the possibilities for me there. It is a role where I can use my full potential and really help your company to grow.

Can you tell me something about your education?

Why should we hire you?
What are your strengths?

I have good communication skills. I believe that communication skills are crucial in every job, but especially in job like this one.

What are your weaknesses?

What are your goals in five years horizon?

What motivates you? / How do you motivate the others?