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Technologies Paper General - Interview by LCube

Details of Technologies Paper General - Interview by LCube conducted by LCube for job interview.
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Interview Pattern - LCube Technologies
PART A CONSISTS  OF APTITUDE QUESTIONS.THESE ARE purely from r.s.aggarwal and also
direct questions.if u remember the answer u can directly chose the  answers.this section consists of 20 questions.
the part B is quite tough.but if ur an IT guy,dont worry.most  questions are from c,c++,java. "see most questions are asked from  pointers only".the other questions are from microcontroller,circuit theory(only 2 ques),digital logic(very easy).
they will give a program on the question paper and we should chose the output from the choices given(for c,c++,jave).also 2 questions  were asked from SQL(easy). company is small one but they are offering  good salary.