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At GITS, Udaipur On 21-22th Of August 2007 By Kailash Choubisa MLVT Engg. College, Bhilwara by L&T Infotech

Details of At GITS, Udaipur On 21-22th Of August 2007 By Kailash Choubisa MLVT Engg. College, Bhilwara by L&T Infotech conducted by L&T Infotech for job interview.
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I am Kailash Choubisa of MLVT Engg. College, Bhilwara. I attended the campus recruitement of L&T Infotech at GITS, Udaipur on 21-22th of August 2007. Around 400 candidates appeared for that test. The recruitment comprised of three rounds -

FIRST ROUND:- General Aptitude
It has three sections -
1.)Quantitative - Easy if u r thorough with RS Aggarwal.
(Pipes & cisterns,boats and streams,speed and nearly every topic of rs aggarwal)
2.)Logical Reasoning - Blood relations,puzzles,count the no. of triangles etc. (easy if thorough with rs verbal-non verbal)
3.)English - Synonyms,Antonyms,Paragraph,Error Correction etc. (was a bit tricky)

This section had 90 ques to be done in 90 mins with each section having its own cut-off. There was no negative marking and no higher cut-off.

Out of all students 120 students(approx) cleared the aptitude and they were distributed among 10 batches for the second round of GROUP DISCUSSION.

SECOND ROUND -Group discussion & Extempory
There were 12 batches of nearly 10 each. Some topics were:-
a.)Today,s celebrity is really role Model
b.)Global Warming(My topic)
c.)Is technology a boon or dangerous.

The HR initially talked with whole batch relaxing us and to search out our ideas about the GD topics. Then he gave us a topic.Firstly there was extempore, each had to say about that topic and then there was a GD among all.

Tip:-Try to take the initiative. Stick to ur point and just try to calm down the situation when it becomes a fish market over ther because they see leadership qualities in u during GD and just stick to ur point. Also u get 1 min. to think in the beginning and jot down as many points as u know and stick to ur point no matter how wrong u are coz they look for good leaders and public speakers.

Out of 120 students 68 were short listed for the interview and i was among them. The interview was to be conducted the next day.

THIRD ROUND:- Interview
There were around six HRs and the interveiw was conducted by all. There was a mix of technical and hr.
I was asked:-
1)Tell about yourself?
2)Where do you see after five years?
3)Why L&T ?
4)What are your future plans?
some ques were also there.
Before leaving that room, I asked a ques to HR that if I would be selected then what preparations I would have to do before joining. He replied that he would tell in PPTs and also told that basically C & C++.Then I left that room.

Some interviews lasted for 20-25 mins and mine lated 5 mins.

Finally 43 students were shortlisted by L&T and i was 1 among them.

So guys L&T is a great company for starters and i wish all best of luck for L&T.

Try hard!