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General - Interview NMIET - 12 June 2007 by L&T Infotech

Details of General - Interview NMIET - 12 June 2007 by L&T Infotech conducted by L&T Infotech for job interview.
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actually i just want to discuss some of the interview questions...............
there r two rounds   
HR  and  Technical:

In Technical:
they ask questions mostly from analog electronics(mainly from op-amps ),digital electronics,c and  mp& sure of all derivations because they  always ask to derive all those gains of op- amps and all  other configurations like voltage divider biasing.etc
some were also asked about microprocessor  better be prepared on those ......... 

In HR:
they only look 4r your comm. skills and the eagarness to learn in u..........
some of the questions asked to me was->
1)convert my height from feet to centimeter
2)how the speed of a cricket ball is calculated in the match
3) a easy apptitude question on time and distance
4)is  there any problem 4r re-location
5)many questions on strengths and hobbies till they are convienced
6)full form of .com,,.edu,.gov,,.org  etc
7)the relation between electronics and computer science
8)whether u agree to sign a bond or not....

so these r some exact questiopns. actually they take a very long time 4r technical session- almost 45 mins..
actually in our test 500 sat 4r the written,36 selected in written and 6 ultimately got through after a lot of luck is required to crack this interview as the rejection ratio is very high