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SREC Warangal ,16 April 2007 by KPIT

Details of SREC Warangal ,16 April 2007 by KPIT conducted by KPIT for job interview.
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Written test
The placement paper consists of 2 sections :-
1.Reasoning 25 questions (cuttoff 13or 11)
2. English 15 questions (cutt off-8 or 6)
Paper is continous .Common answer sheet 5 options.

It consisted of blood relations ,assertion reason, Coding Decoding, etc. CODING DECODING WAS REALIY TOUGH.

Fill in the blanks with appropriate words. Find the grammatical error in the sentence.and Analogy. The test started aroud It was for 1 hr duration. The results were declared at 5:30pm. Around 950 students attended the written test and 108 were selected for interview. The interview started the same day.My interview was conducted the next day..

It consisted of HR and Technical combined

HR questions
Q what is ur family background?
Q TEll me about yourself?
Qwhat does sucess mean to u?
Q what is ur favorite subject? I told them Java as the company makes u was work on Dotnet and Java

Then my Technical started

Technical questions
Q Please write a simple program of java?.
Q What are Access modifires?Explain?
Q What is Exception Handling?What r diffrerent type of exceptions?How many types of exceptions r there?
Q Write a program of exception handling?
Q What is ArrayIndexOutofBound Exception,NullPointer exception?
Q What is multithreading? explain with an example?

The interview is quite easy and be cofident in answering the questions.They r checking the confidence level. Out of 108 only 52 were placed and i was one of them. Hope this exp will help u and we will meet in Syntel. Dont get dishearteded as u will be placed one day . This was my 7th company.

BEST OF LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!! Written test
HR round
Tech round

These 3 rounds done in 2 days. Written test (16th apr),HR & Tech (17th apr).

There are 2 sections in this round.
Reasoning-----25 (cutoff-13)
Verbal---------15 (cutoff-8)

In the reasoning section, we have questions based on blood relation, coding-decoding, placing arrangement..
In the verbal section, we have questions from passages, find error in the sentences, set order of words in the sentenceshe paper was little bit easier in reasoning section and very difficult in verbal section.
From the written test 40 members were short listed out of 800.

HR interview
This is my first interview. When I was entering into the room I have some fear. At that time I tried to be confident and cool. The hr was lady and she was very cool.
Me : good mrng mam.
HR : very good mrng DINESH, take u r seat
Me : thank u mam.
HR: tell me abt u r self
Me: -------
HR: did u attend any interview before dis one.
Me: I have attended for WIPRO, but I failed in written test mam
HR: Why dinesh?
Me: mam basically I am coming from B.Com (CA) background. They hav given some critical mathematics problems like trigonometry, geometry.
I hav failed to solve those problems.
HR: ok . What abt yesterdays paper (written test paper)
Me: mam, in my opinion reasoning is very easy but u r testing the students skills in only verbal.
HR: dinesh why did u hav less % in SSC & INTER (I hav ssc-61 & inter-67 & degree-73 & mca-79)
Me: mam, at that time I was helping to my father in the business.
HR: do u hav any questions to ask me
Me: yes mam, what are qualities r u expecting frm freshers?
HR: We are looking for candidates who are good in Communication, best in Technologies, ready to accept the changes and committed to work.
Me: mam finally one request from all freshers When v r joining into the company, v want a good environment in the company, that means v want seniors co-operation and their encouragement. Mam without their co-operation v cant do any thing in the company.

HR: sure DINESH, we will give 100% co-operation.
Me: thank u mam, hav a nice day.

Me: may I come in sir?
He: come in dinesh.
Me: good afternoon sir.
He: very good afternoon. Sit here dinesh. What is u r favorite subject except C?
Me: why sir (except C)?
He: every eng. and mca student says favorite subject is C, thats why u say except C .
Me: ok sir. Core Java
He: can I ask any question from corejava.
Me: yes sir, u can.
He has asked me oops concepts, packages, interfaces, abstract class, why v are using java than c, method over loading, over riding, exception, error, pre-defined exceptions, try, catch, diff b/w throws and throw, why pointers r not use in java, global variables, diff b/w include and import..I have answered each and every question. And he asked me do u hav any interest in DBMS concepts?, but I replied to his sir, I am not familiar with those concepts
He: very good Dinesh. I am very happy with u, becoz u hav done my all questions.
U r very good in java, u maintain dis level up to j2ee.
Wish u al d best for results.

Me: thank u very much sir :

At 6:30pm they announced results, 31 persons were selected out of 40(out of 800).thank god.. I am also in those 31. I am very happy at that time. In my class 3 were selected(including me). I extend my thanks to those who guided me to attend the interview, our HOD, our dept. faculty, my friends and finally who posted their experience to dis site.

I hope this exp will help u and I will meet in SYNTEL. Be confident and +veWISH YOU ALL THE BEST!!!