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Whole Testpaper Siddhartha Vijayavada by Keane

Details of Whole Testpaper Siddhartha Vijayavada by Keane conducted by Keane for job interview.

Hy friends,.........

I am Radha harish bezawada.

U r seeing a story of a success that I got through keane after getting many failures.

Check out my way of success that is having many thorns through out its way.

Am doing fourth year in vr Siddhartha in vij, stream is electronics n communication engineering.

In third year second semester ,wipro came 2 our college for first selected 4 that company.i enjoyed my holidays thinking whole world is in my hands.when the holidays coming 2 its end,I came 2 know that wipro cancelled all the selected members in Andhra Pradesh thinking that the selection procedure is not fair.they cancelled al the selected members through out the ap.just think about that situation.

2.infosys is our second slot-failed in written test.

3.virtusa failed in written test

4.syntel-cleared written,gd,hr n technical.but I didnt find my name in the final list.

5.wipro re-assessment-failed in written test.

6.kenexa-cleared written(2 rounds),technical,hr interview but I did nt find my name in final list.

7.sonata-failed in written test.

8.l&t infotech-cleared written,gd,failed in technical.

Atlast,I decided 2 keep smile on my face n leave the tensions outside before entering into the hall of keane interview.


Maintained eye contact. Having cool mind in the interview Maintained smile on my face Giving apt answers without deviating from the point. Maintained humour in the interview.

Thats all,am selected atlast for the keane(caritor) in my ninth attempt.

On going into the details of keane selection procedure;

The written test consists of 3 sections:

1.Aptitude-15 questions(1q=4marks)

2.Verbal-10 questions(1q=1 mark)

3.Logical-10 questions(1q=3 marks)

I think there is sectional cutoff.But the sectional cutoff  is low for us.Keane is taking a gud number from all the places that it is,concentrate on it.

 The questions I remembered :


1.Two rockets x and y started from two different places.after passing each other,x reached the place of y in 1 hour.y reached the place of x in 9 hours)

2.3 cats can kill 3 rats in 7 minutes.50 cats can kill 100 rats in?

Ans.14 mins(not sure).

3.same type question.

4.   1,8,60,find the sequence.(different numbers).


All questions r easy.little grammar needed.


All questions r time taking.but we can get the answers by giving some time 2,time management is very very imp in  keane written test.

Total time duration is 1 hour.they will giv an essay 2 write before starting the written test.

Our essay is to write on a tour that u have gone recently.time is 15 mins.then,the written test starts.( u can find the same questions I got, in the model papers that are in remaining papers).

Group discussion:

Interviewer asked us 2 tell the topic.all requested their suggestions.i requested the topic

Is higher education necessary.sir approved my topic n asked 2 start the gd.All we r ready wit our points.But,a boy who is my best friend srikanth dominated the group.we r not getting chance 2 start.i think,the situation may loose my hand.suddenly,I added my point 2 him n gav my work 2 the girl sat beside me.then,the process continued 2 all.but,sir could not find which one did,he suggested us 2 tel another topic.then,a girl suggested about movies.we mould that topic ,are the movies effecting the youth.Now,we all did the topic better.but,4 students did nt involve into the topic.atlast,sir gave the chance 2 them.but they failed 2 use it.then all the six members excluding 4 are selected 4 technical interview.


Hav 2 giv chance to others Do not dominate others Do not go arrogant and aggressive nature. Hav to listen the group thoughts Hav 2 sit confident n erect. Keep contact wit those who r talking.


        I:  Excuse me,sir.

        Sir.Common harish.take ur seat.

        I:     Thanku sir

        Sir:   Tel me about u harish

        I:      Starting from my parents,I told al about my school ,college education,achievements in school,college,hobbies,percentage.

        Sir:   Why do u take ece

        I:      ece has flexibilty 2 go into the core r 2 change into IT field.

        Sir:    Why  u choose IT:

        I:     Where we go logic is imp, c language we use the c language 2 implement the logic,in microprocessor,we use the micro processing lan. 2 implement the same,logic is imp.where we gud in logic that u test in written tests.

        Sir:   Good

        Sir:   Tel me about microprocessor

        I:    I explained all the basics of micro processor

        Sir:   Tel me about supporting micro processors that u know

        I:    I dont know sir(with smile).but,I said relative 2 it

        Sir:   Tel me about os

        I:I Explained al the basics

        Sir:   Function of os

        I  : Explained

        Sir:  General examples

        I:  Win xp,linux

        Sir:  Difference between them

        I:  Explained clearly

        Sir:  Gud

        Sir:  What r the programs u know in c language

        I:  I know more

        Sir:  Tel me some programs u wish 2 write

        I:   Recursion,Armstrong,palindrome,Fibonacci,.

        Sir:    Tel me logics of Armstrong no. n palindrome no.

        I:  I explained by taking an example

        Sir:  If I tak 1000042467886224,u hav 2 check is it palindrome r not in little time

        I: ( actually,I didnt understand his q.)but I said confidently,I ll write rev of a no. fun n compare it wit taken no.

        Sir:  Write the logic

        I:  Explained it clearly

        I:  later I made a conversion wit him

        Sir:   y  keane

        I:  In a race,2 or 3 runer has the intension 2 go to 1 place.they can evaluate points how 2 go 1st in future,wat we hav 2 acquire 2 win,so I want 2 be in a company which is already in the race of IT intending 2 achieve high.

        Sir:   Smiled

        Tel me other reasons

        I:   Gud onsite opportunities,

        Si:  Smiled

        Sir:    nice meeting u harish

        I:   Thank u ,sir.

Then,I called for hr interview


        HR  INTERVIEW:       Mam:  tel me about u harishTel me about ur family Ur hobbies Ur strengths(be bold) I:   my strengths r confidence n being expressive Tel me about ur expressive mind I:   explained wit an example Wat is ur gre score(elimination question,be attentive,explain wit convincing factors) Asked about higher studies Y r u not prefer higher studies (please dont mention any info. About higher studies).they will try 2 tempt u.but be bold that u r not interested at higher studies. Y u choose it field Wat is ur second option I:   here,I told mba.(I think its not safe 2 mention) Wat r the divisions u lik in mba I:    I lik finance ,marketing,insurance Mam:     y I:    my thoughts r related 2 that divisions Mam:   thank u.harish