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Whole Testpaper N.I.E.T., UP - 20 August 2007 by Keane

Details of Whole Testpaper N.I.E.T., UP - 20 August 2007 by Keane conducted by Keane for job interview.


Hello Friends, Myself Kapil Agarwal, doing B.Tech in EC from N.I.E.T., UP Tech Uni. Keane visited our campus on 20th Aug, 07.

It was an exclusive drive...
Total appeared - 100
Written cleared - 50
GD cleared - 30
Tech. cleared - 25
HR cleared - 20(Final selection)

In Caritor (Keane now) there are four levels
1) Written test (Mathematical(15), English(10) (Mainly Adjectives), Logical(10) and an small essay writing(at least 10 lines)
2) GD
3) Technical interview
4) HR interview

Processes were very fast.. There was sectional cut off...So please be aware...
total time was 1 hour 15 minutes..
Essay - 15 minutes.
Paper - 1 Hour.

there was no negative marking...
1) Written test
Written test consists of 3 sections
Mathematical (15 questions each 4 marks)
Logical (10 questions each 3 marks)
Verbal (10 questions each 1 mark)

This section was easy, but you should focus on accuracy because it has the maximum wattage.
RS Agarwal (QA) is sufficient... especially chapters like time & work, time and distance, ratio proportion, average

Question mainly came from following sections
1) 3 cat can kill 3 rats in 3 minutes then how much time 50 cats will take to kill 100 rats?
a) 1     b) 2      c) 3      d) 4

2) Three types of animals, cockroach, mice and crow are there in a room. There are totally 50 heads and 150 tails in the room. No of cockroach is twice than the no mice. What are the no mice in the room?
a) 5      b) 10    c) 15    d) none of these
be aware that no of legs of cockroach is 6, mice 4 and crow 2.

3) From a chess board three blocks are chosen at random. What is the probability that the three blocks are from same diagonal?
4) A and B can do a piece of work in 15 and 20 days respectively. They worked together for 6 days then B is replaced by C.The work was finished in next 4 days . In how many days C alone can do the work.

5) Average tempt between Monday Wednesday is 37 and average tempt between Tuesday-Thursday is 34. Mondays tempt 4/5th of Thursdays tempt. What is the tempt on Thursday.55

This section was very easy. Generally general use of prepotions, Adjectives. 

Logical Reasoning:
This section was little bit tough. Questions were lengthy. U have to concentrate.

Few questions were,
Blood-relation was given among 10-12 people, they asked no of male in that
One question of sitting arrangement on round table of three different couples, they asked some bodys husband.

You can say that this is elimination round. Communication Skills is very important. Please give some valid and different points but dont fight in GD. If they say u to wait then you shoul...

from our group they have taken 9 members out of 10. but in other groups they took 4-5 only. Try to start the GD or finish.
They told every body to give some positive and negative points on the discussions one by one.
1)      IT  impact on India 
2)      Impact of Indian cinema on youth
3)      Politics
4)      Ideal procedure of selection 

3) Technical Interview
Interviewer was very cool...They used to check the essay also so write it clearly, avoid spelling and grammatical mistakes...they asked to me, branch related questions. specially if u r a non IT student... then why do u want to switch...About ur Projects... Training...My Interview duration was 45 minutes..30 minutes was average...

Question asked to me were,
I cleared WIPROS Exam, they asked many questions from that.
They asked many question from Data Structure, C++, C specially from pointers.
So be clear and confident in giving ur answers.

4) HR Interview
It was the last process for the KEANE, My HR interview was very cool, Interviewe was very cool. In this round they used to asked some general questions.

Question asked to me were,
1)      introduce urself
2)      I am from west UP so she asked many questions about politics,
3)      I m from UP Board so she asked which board is best UP or CBSE. About higher education?
4)      What location u will prefer to work?
5)      About UP and Karnataka politics... there current position in IT field, Economical view.
This round last around 30 minutes