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Whole Testpaper Koneru Lakshamaiah College Of by Keane

Details of Whole Testpaper Koneru Lakshamaiah College Of by Keane conducted by Keane for job interview.
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Hai friends, i am manoj from KONERU LAKSHAMAIAH COLLEGE OF ENGG., keane came to our college on 5th JULY. Guys till now I have attended 3 companies, please dont loose your confidence.


there will be 4 rounds:






Total students attended for written: 450+

students qualified for written: 272

students qualified for GD,s: 156

students qualified for technical: 97

students qualified for HR: 75  

toally selected are :75


After the written test ppt will be given.

Written test:

Totally there are 3 different sets and the person besides you will not get the same paper.

Aptitude----1hour + Essay Writing-----10min

first we have to write an essay and the topic will be given at that moment.


Mathematical ability - 15Q

Verbal reasoning     - 10Q

Logical reasoning    10Q


till now i have attended 3companies (cts,Infosys,accenture) and keane paper is the toughest paper of all.

but the cut-off is very low.

no 3rd party like merittrac will not conduct the exam and the invisilation and setting of paper will be done by company members only.



There are totally 20-batches and each batch consists of 12 students.

The topic given to our batch was IS NUCLEAR WEAPONS ARE NECCESARY FOR INDIA? And totally 6 students were selected from our batch to next round.



Since I am an electrical student they asked more questions on our core subjects. they asked some questions like working of transformer, IGBT, ujt etc., and only one simple program in c-language.

They have asked some questions regarding my paper presentation and my project.


HR interview:

my hr was on next day ie., on 6th and the hr was very friendly..out of 4 companies I have attended these company people are very friendly..the hr asked me some basic questions like Tell me about your self, why keane, are you adaptable etc., but for my friends they have also asked technical ques., so becareful.