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Whole Testpaper ITME-Diamondharbour - 28 June by Keane

Details of Whole Testpaper ITME-Diamondharbour - 28 June by Keane conducted by Keane for job interview.
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Hi, friends I am Somnath Bhattacharjee (CSE) 3rd year from UNIVERSITY INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, BURDWAN.

Date of campus:28.06.2007

Venue: ITME (marine eng college). Diamondharbour.


There were four rounds:
Aptitude test.


H.R  Aptitude test: consists of 15 mathematical, 7 english , 8 reasoning.
One essay compulsory Ethics and values, min 10 sentences, No negative marking, no sectional cut off. Time : first 10 min for essay, then 1hr for apti.
Mathematical section:
two rockets(X,Y) starts simultaneously. X launched from place of Y and Y launched from place of X. fixed dist b/w X n Y. if X landed in Ys place in 1 sec and for Y it is 9 sec then X is how much faster than Y.
A series (I forgot).
Exchange of money b/w 3 friends.
No of head 50, no leg 150, rates are twice in no of mouse. Cows also in the many rats?    G.D: 
First introduction(very important to make the impression first). Our topic was How India can be Superpower.

Favorite subject? (I told Operating System and DBMS ).
what is semaphore?
how it works?
why it is needed?
what happen in case of multi processor system?
1 processor n N processor, which is faster, why?
Scheduling? types? explain.
roundrobin? Explain.
how many programming lang U know? (I told c,c++,java).
why u did java?
advantages of java?
what is Multithreading?
how it works?
Write a program with multithreading.
explain the program.
I answered all the Questions (100%).   

family background.
reason for 1 year gap ( due to preparation for WBJEE).
any problem in Chennai.
do u have passport?
any question?

Finally ok Mr. Somnath come tomorrow at 2pm .

And next day I got my Offer letter as Software Engineer in Keane from 2008.