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Inc. Hyderabad 18 February 2011 by Keane

Details of Inc. Hyderabad 18 February 2011 by Keane conducted by Keane for job interview.
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Hi Friends

I want to share my experience with you through this website about KEANE Pool campus,15 colleges participated in this process/

The selection Process contains 4 rounds
1. Aptitude test
2. Group discussion
3. Technical Interview and
4. HR Interview

Around 1200 students attended the aptitude test which started at 9.30am in campus. It was for 1 hour and 60 questions were there with three sections namely LOGICAL SECTION, MATHS SECTION and VERBAL SECTION, sorry I don,t remember how many were there in each section. The test was quite easy, Enough if you solve R.S.Aggarwal and Some of the Previous year Keane Papers. 400 people cleared the test.

Those students who cleared the test were splitted in to 20 batches and the topic given to me was about PUBLIC SECTOR AND PRIVATE SECTOR JOBS and remember in other batches the students were asked to talk about 7 topics but don,t worry all are general only, for me only 1 topic. Here 250 students cleared the G.D.

Here the interviewer was very friendly in talking with me and they asked me the following questions. It lasted for 10 minutes
1.tell about yourself??
2.tell about your mini project??
3.registers of 8086??
4.what is WiFi??
5.what is wimax?? u know "C"??
7.One puzzle

I was confident because I answered all the questions asked by the interviewer. I was asked to wait for some time after I finished the tech.Finally,cleared the technical interview and I was one among them. After 10 minutes I was called for HR interview

The HR interviewer asked my marks details in 10th 12th and degree to fill in the application form after which he had and started asking the questions
1.whats Ur father??
2.whats your weakness??
3.whats your strengths??
4.Why do u want to join job now??
5.Have heard of Keane before ??
6.Any plans for further studies??
7.any interviews before??
8.tell me about your project work?? is it useful to society??

I asked how your companies in taking measures to over come the inflation.
The HR interviewer answered.
The interview was for about 60 minutes and I was asked to wait for some time. It was 5.45 pm and they 150 students and announced the result that I was SELECTED. I was so happy at that time and I couldn,t believe the words .Immediately they gave the OFFER LETTER. about 150 students including me received the offer letter on the spot.