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General - Other MIET,Meerut - 21 September 2007 by Keane

Details of General - Other MIET,Meerut - 21 September 2007 by Keane conducted by Keane for job interview.
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hi friends, i have been placed in keane/caritor recently. Hope u must be knowing that keane is now acquired by caritor.keane visited our campus on 21st sept. 2007. Total aprox. 200 students appeared for written and finally 35 were selected after H.R.

procedure consist of 4 rounds:
1- Written(essay, apti.,verbal & logical resoning)
2- G.D.
3- Technical Interview
4- H.R. Interview

All process was very fast and we did not get any time to think any thing.........well at the end all was fine........

 it was very easy . first we were asked to write an essay (5-10 lines) 5 min. were given .then question paper was distributed there were 35 ques.
(i)15 apti each 4 marks,
(ii)10 verbal each 3 marks
(iii) 10 logical reasoning each 1 mark.
there was sectional cut off of 60% and no negetive marking.
each section was easy. only reasoning ques. were looking long,but they were also easy.
My suggestion to u is don,t get scared with the length of reasoning ques.
for apti. refer to R.S.Agarwal,that is enough. ques. were frm trains,time &work, mixture rule, average, profit & loss.

u need not worry abt Verbal section.
logical resoning section consists of ques. like seating arrangement.

2-Group Discussion:- 9 groups each of 11 students were constituted . frm my group 6 were selected. Some of the topics given    were-
Mobiles should be banned in clgs or not
20-20 cricket 

3-Technical Interview:-
since i was frm chemical branch so he did not ask me any thing frm programming languages.they dont ask
programming languages frm non-technical branches.He just asked analytical ques.
firstly he asked me to introduce myself.
he asked me " if u found ur fone dead what would u do" write steps on a paper.
he asked me to do similar procedure for "if ur pen stops working in class room".
also "write steps involved in manufacturing any product".
i was very much surprised at these ques. he read all my steps very carefully. he was just just checking my analytical mind.
he asked ques. related to working on MS windows,very general like-difference between windows explorer and internet exporer etc.
some other ques. like "being a student of chemical why do u want to join s/w cmpny" .I suggest u if u r frm non technical branch u must be
prepared with these ques.
something about "testing".as they recruite non technical branches for testing.and many other ques........
and last ques. was -"do u want to ask any ques".always ask atleast one ques. and max three ques.
My interview lasted for half an hour.
finally he sent me to H.R.

4- H.R:-
he asked general H.R. ques. like :
-Introduce urself
-why do u opted for chemical
-why do u want to opt for s/w
-where is ur native city located
-where have u done ur summer trai
-Introduce urself
-why do u opted for chemical
-why do u want to opt for s/w
-where is ur native city located
-where have u done ur summer ning
and many other.but very general. i suggest u Be confident in giving your answers that is key to success in an interview.

finally after all the interviews were over they took half an hr. to declare the result . i was very -very much happy after listening my i had faced failures in many cmpnies like-,l&t,wipro,i-flex,l&t infotech,satyam. this was my seventh i was on on seventh sky after listening my never lose hope..because everyday is not everyone,s day.....try to your max limit and believe in god.