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General - Other Lovely Institute,Jalandhar - 6 March 2008 by Keane

Details of General - Other Lovely Institute,Jalandhar - 6 March 2008 by Keane conducted by Keane for job interview.
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Hello friends ! I am sameer , a student of B-Tech ECE 6th Semester. It was my third chance for the placement which i got On 6th March, When KEANE INTERNATIONAL (INDIA) visited our campus for campus placement. And by Gods grace , I got selected in KEANE . Our MSTs were also going on.  

I also want to add that before being selected in Keane, I was unsuccessful to make it in INFOSYS and PATNI Computers. So after being rejected by these company, I analyzed my errors and weaknesses. So this time I did not repeat them.2 colleges participated in it; ours i.e. Lovely Institutes and GNE Ludhiana. round about 350 students appeared for it.  

There were 4 rounds of selection
1. Aptitude Test ( with one essay writing )
2. GD (Group Discussion)
3. Technical Interview
4. HR Interview

Before starting aptitude test, they gave us an essay How your college has enabled your career .  

Aptitude test: Total 35 questions in 60 minutes
15 questions of Quant
8 questions of English Usage (very easy)
12 questions on Verbal Ability (very easy)

There was sectional cut-off also. There were 2 sets of the paper.After an hour, Also I want to mention that cut-off in KEANE Is round about 55 %  (very easy to crack this paper )  

Then they announced the names of candidates who cleared the aptitude test. I was one of them. They divided them into 15 groups of 10 students each. I was in 11th group.  

Our GD topic was Now a days AMERICA is strengthening  its relationships with INDIA , should INDIA go with AMERICAN deals or with RUSSIAN deals . ".  

Then our moderator gave us round about 4-5 minutes   . Then he allowed us to start the GD  .in GD just be confident and make some revel lent points and also you must  be a good listener  besides being a good speaker.  then  i also got selected in the GD .

ME: may i come in sir ?
Interviewer: yes , please come .
ME: may i please have a seat ?
Interviewer: yes , sure .
Interviewer: (he saw my resume very carefully and ask me) Why there is a fall down in my %?Other questions were: As i am from electronics branch so he asked me abt my training and he asked me to completely explain my project. So be prepare for ur projects.Then he asked me abt c++, he only asked me the fundamentals of c++. Just hv the basic knowledge of programming.In the interview they just check ur confidence, so whatever u say just be confident and logical then i cleared this round also .....then  after 10 minutes i was called for HR interview...
ME: may i come in sir ?
Interviewer: yes , please come .
ME: may i please have a seat ?
Interviewer: yes , sure .
Interviewer: can u go any where ?
ME: yes sir , sure . then he gave me the full information about wher would be my training .. for how many months it would be...etc.
Interviewer: ok , mr.sameer , any question ?
ME: What is my carrier growth in keane and what other programming languages should I learn before joining.
Interviewer: he explains. (always ask 1 or 2 quest. It increases ur chances)
Interviewer: Now u can go.
Me: Thank u sir. total 33 students were selected from our college. I was also one of those lucky ones.  

I really want to thank my College Placement Cell, My Parents, all my teachers and my frnds .they help me a lot. And at the end I just want to say that just be confident during the whole process, just dont think of ur result, hv faith in GOD and believe urself.