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General - Other Heritage Institute Of Technology,Kolkata - 10 March 2008 by Keane

Details of General - Other Heritage Institute Of Technology,Kolkata - 10 March 2008 by Keane conducted by Keane for job interview.
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Keane visited our campus on 10 March around 8am..They took
1.Aptitude test.
2.Group Discussion.
3.Technical interview.
4. Hr interview.

Total 246 students appeared from our campus out of which 40 were selected.

Written apti test was easy (except one or two quanti which i couldn,t solve) as they followed the same pattern that we got in previous ques papers in freshersworld. English section was damn easy. Even logical was easy. Probable chain rule and series problems were absent. But they had three different sets having  same questions, but in different order.

The tip to clear apti is to stay confident and maintain Ur cool. I was blank to see 1st a ques of quant section & thought I will not be able to clear but able to do rest.Best thing is there is no negative marking so u can always rely on flukes but my advise is to avoid them because they give a separate sheet for rough work and they attach it with answer sheet and resume and till hr interview that sheet is there.So anytime interviewer can ask u to perform the calculations and fluked in this case leaves bad impression.We were also given an essay on the topic How ur college has enabled ur career .

Out of 166,111 cleared the apti.  

Next round was Gd,there were 8-10 ppl in each group. Those who moderated the gd were cool,quiet generous and helping. Our topic was Can India be a technical super power by 2015.My group was a very gud and it had 7 of our class mates. All of us speak well, I spoke 3 times in gd and at last he asked everyone to conclude, dont ever speak irrelevant and out of topic just 4 the sake of speaking.But do speak. They selected 8/10 ppl frm our grou,at end of gd he collected the resume of selected ppl and stapled it with the respective answer sheets and rough sheet.  

out of 111,66 cleared the the gd.

Next it was technical interview. The interviewer who took my tech interview was really nice and cooperative.I am a chemical engg student ,so first of all he asked me y IT JOB and not CHEMICAL.Then he asked me the basics of array,pointer,datastructure(stack,queue,linklist),algo of reversing string,printing the ascii value of character, and then he asked few questions on positive and negative testing on mobile phones. He didn,t asked me a single ques from my departmental subjects.

It lasted for 30-35 mins.Be confident maintain eye contact. stick to ur words  and try to kep a gud smile on ur face.Technical Interview and gd are the main elimination round so never take them lightly  

Out of 66,50 cleared the technical round.

Then the h.r interview,it was just like chatting with the h.r as it is  thought that once u reach hr round u are 99% placed but keane ppl eliminated many ppl in hr also. So dont take it lightly also. They will ask few ques like
1.About ur preference in posting and position.
2.Family details.
3.Entrance rank,dept rank.