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General - Interview GRIT,SRIKAKULUM - 12 September 2007 by Keane

Details of General - Interview GRIT,SRIKAKULUM - 12 September 2007 by Keane conducted by Keane for job interview.
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Hai  friends..         I am BHARAT KUMAR BAGANA studing 4th b-tech  c.s.e. Don,t dissappoint if u fail ;i attented for1)T.C.S--selected written and failed in tech.2)INFOSIS--failed in written.3)VIRTUSA--selected written and failed in GD;4)BIRLASOFT--selected written and failed in GD;5)SONATA--failed in written;6)KENEXA--selected written and tech and failed in HR;7)HONEY WELL--selected in written and tech and failed in HR;8)IBM(BPO)--failed in JAM;9)ICICI--selected in GD but i didn,t go to second written exam.10) don,t dissappoint and try until u get. KEANE  is auctioned by CARITOR.In this test paperApt--15 bits --easy but little bit time consuming. each of  4 mark.English--10 bits--so easy--general usage of english. each of 1 mark.logical reasoning--10bits--not so easy but if we try we can get--time consuming--each of 3 mark.Totally 35bits --100mark.And also they have given one essay writing.To me they have given "ETHICS  & VALUES".  but they don,t consider this essay in written test,they will see this in either GD or TECH INTERVIEW.In essay writing they strictly sees that there are grammatical mistakes or not only (write with neat hand writing).After written test they have given PPT about the company.after the company PPT has over the have announced the results.In that 157/300 were selected.they divided into 13 GD groups --each of 12 members.from every group ,they selected atleast 5,atmost 10 members.In my group 10 out of 13 members were selected.GD was going on very liberelly;In GD they announced the result in that spot only;After GD I went to TECHINICAL ROUND, Interview Me: Excuse me sir,Inte:Yes , come in. Me: Good afternoon sir,Inte:Afternoon,  sit down,Me:Thank u sir, Inte:Introduce u,r self;Me:I told every thing; Inte:U know C,C++,java?;Me: Yes sir; Inte:How many data types do u know in C;Me:Told every thing; Inte:What are the types of sorting techniques do u know?Me:Told the list of all sorting tech.; Inte:Explain the quik sort algo. with example;Me:I expained; Inte:Ok,explain the bubble sort algo.;Me: I explained; Inte:What is the difference ;Me: I told Inte: Dou have SE;Me: Sir, it is in this sem; Inte: What is life cycle?Me : Explained Inte: What r the typesMe  I toldHe is trying to ask some more questions but i told that sir,now this subject is going on. Inte:What is OSMe I told Inte What is deadlockMe  I explained fully; Inte  How to avoidMe   I told Inte:What r the searching tech do u know?Me:I listed : Inte: Explain the binary search?Me:I explained. Inte:Ok,go;Me:Thank u sir;(with smily face)  After that I attended to HR interview Me Excuse me sir,Inte:Come in In   :Sit downMe  Thank u sir, In   :Tell me about u,r selfMe  I told In   :Will u go for further studiesMe   No, sir,(we must say this only,they try to make u to tell "yes") In  :WhyMe : Sir ,my family back ground is poor ,my father has burdened so much on me ,so atleast i want to support my family from this stage; In    What are u,r strengths & weaknessesMe  I told In   What are u doing to reduce it;Me  I told In  Ok go;Me   Thank u sir,(with smily face)