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Technical - Other NIT - 30 August 2007 by JOHN

Details of Technical - Other NIT - 30 August 2007 by JOHN conducted by JOHN for job interview.
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You will be given 20 min ( 20 questions) for aptitude to complete and after that they will provide you Technical test paper for 30 mins( 30 questinos).
this is conducted in NITK on 30/8/2007.

Negative marking is there 0.25m

They prefer mainly mechanicals . Presently they are having more demand in product development and analysis.

After test Technical Interview.

Apti .

1. Two cadles of same length but with different thickness aftyer wat time both will be of same length. as life of thick candle is 6 hours and of thin is 4 hours.

2. Boat moving up the stream and down the stream.

3. 0.75*0.75....... but answer is 0.825.

4 Infinite series 1+1/1+1/2+1/3...... answer is pi (MATH VALUE)

5 Simple blood relation questions...TWO questions

6. Some changing in words alphabetical sequences....easy to answer.

7. Some english meanings.........

8. Some symbols on cubes and after roitations wat is final symbol u observe..

TECHNICAL ( resembles GATE standards)

1. Key and torque lever question and answer is 750N
2. Acceleration in rotaing field....
3. Dozers are used to pull are push ( BULL DOZERS)
4. Main cause for fog formation.....
5. Use of mercury in binary cycle .specific reason.
6.Why donot we use super chaeger in si engines ... becoz of knocking .
7.Sheet metal operation min thickness compressed bfore fracture.... it is t/3.
8.Cavitaion occurs at .......... at high pressure zone as bubbles form at low pressure and blast at high pressure.

In INTERVIEW THEY ASKED ONLY HR in which arear u r interested and reasons. induatrial experiences .
software knowledge on design and analysis. and process and product layout softwares..
ur strong points......