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Assessment Test 2 - Paper Candidate Experiences LBSIM - 15 July 2006 by JKT

Details of Assessment Test 2 - Paper Candidate Experiences LBSIM - 15 July 2006 by JKT conducted by JKT for job interview.
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Selection Procedure..
Techinal + Aptitude writtent test (1 hr)
GD + Interview (GD is not a elimination round)
Process started with company presentation, then written test.
In Technical paper, questions were from RDMS and Java. Total 30 questions were there.  Few questions in RDBMS were very general n some questions were quite tough. Questions on java were quite simple. one question was ... In which class setBackground() is defined. There was -ve marking in technical paper.
In Aptitude paper, there were no choices provided.. Thirty questions were there in total. 3 questions were to find the odd one out from the series. 2 questions were from shakuntaladevi, one question from clock. one on relations. there were no -ve marking in this paper.
In GD, My topic was "Are foreign channels destroying indian culture". I was against the topic.. n most of us were against the topic.. All of us were asked to conclude the discussion one by one, in the end. I had gd on 3rd Aug 06 and interview on 22nd Aug 06. Interview was planned on the same day of GD but due to some problem they couldnt do so..
In the interview, questions were like
1. I was asked to introduce myself. 
2. What is Object Oriented language and its principles.
3. What is RDBMS.
4. Encapsulation?
5. Difference b/w java n C++.
6. Does inheritance exploits the concept of encapsulation.
7. Why Java is so popular?
8. What is Normalization and why do we use it.
9. what is 3 tier architecture.
10. What is overloading.
11. How do we implement polymorphism in java.
12. Give example, where do we need to normalize the table.
13. Any Questions ?
I was given two puzzles to solve...
1. 9 balls are given to me of 1 kg each except 1, which is of 2kg. I have to find out the 2kg ball in minimum no. of weighing. Solution is given shakunla devi. Ans 2 weighing
2. Man n his dog has to cover distance of 6km. Speed of man is 4km/hr n that of dog is 6km/hr. how much distance dog would have travelled, if the dogs comes back to the man after reaching the end point, keeps on repeating the same until man n dog reach the destination point.  Ans man covers 6kms n dog covers 9kms.