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Whole Testpaper Kolkata - 17 February 2008 by Jindal

Details of Whole Testpaper Kolkata - 17 February 2008 by Jindal conducted by Jindal for job interview.
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The test of JSPL held on 17th February 2008 was more or less of an easy type for instrumentation stream. Many questions were from power electronics and communications. The ques that I remember were:

Verbal (20 ques):

1. 10 ques based on two RC passages,dealing with computer languages.

2. remaining ques on articles, prepositions and word meanings.

Numerical (20 ques):
1. all ques based on simple but lengthy calculations involving %ages, profit and loss, ratio-proportion,etc.

Attention to detail(15 ques):
1. ques based on pattern recognition, logical reasoning and types like if + is -, - is *, etc.

Technical (60 ques-INSTRUMENTATION):

I remember 51 ques. They are:

what does value mean in value engg.
what is value engg used for
two ques on statement of nyquist-shannon theorem
i/p and o/p impedance of instrumentation amplifier
given open loop TF for unity f/b calc damping ratio
given G(s)H(s) calc type of system
thru which signal does P communicate with memory
12 address lines address how much of memory
no of timers of 8051
prog device used with 8051
controllers used widely in which industry
ques on what is LPP
which technique used for optimization in OR
which of these deals with reducing waiting time(ans: queuing theory)
given BW and SNR of a communication channel calc its maxm transmission rate in kbps when affected by white Gaussian noise
what is a controller
no of components in VLSI
what is done in VLSI
what are the procedures for sampling of a signal
which is the most commonly used non-impulse type of pump
how do you go from time domain to freq domain(both fourier and laplace were in the options)
what is thyristor
what is triac
diff betw triac and SCR
why is equalizing ckt used in series with SCR
what freq crystal should be used betw pin 1 n 2 of a P
if for a resistive load in an SCR ckt the current is ripple free and equal to 20 A what will it be when 20 mH inductor connected to the load
if load current in an SCR is I, what is the average thyristor current for a 1- converter
maxm efficiency of AM power
given signal freq and intermediate freq calc image freq
when are equalizing pulses applied in TV
what is a spirometer
what is used to measure heart sounds
minm duration of firing pulses for a thyristor
which of these transforms is also called tustin s method( or something like that)
why is RC snubber ckt used
what type of waveform produced by RC oscillator
diff betw inverter and oscillator output
for a 6 phase 60 Hz half wave rectifier what is the triple freq of the output
which of the following modulation is digital: PCM/ PAM/ PWM/ PTM
which method of ctrl removes offset
eqn of PID
what filter used for extracting SSB output
CMRR is expressed commonly in
integrated value of step fn.
differentiated value of const fn.
what is the kidney dialysis method(artificial) called
quantity analogous to current in pneumatics
quantity analogous to mass in rotational motion
which of these theorems not used in filters( ans: nortons theorem)
which of these is UHF(1.68MHz,16.8Mhz,168Mhz,1680MHz