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Technical - Electronics Tamil Sr. Sec. School,Delhi - by ISRO

Details of Technical - Electronics Tamil Sr. Sec. School,Delhi - by ISRO conducted by ISRO for job interview.
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helo friends, i appeared for ISRO written examinatiom on 22april,2007 for the post of Scientist Engineer.

paper was totally technical.Questions which i remembered are as follows:-

1) output resistance of  ideal OP AMP is:-
a)  0     b)   1    c)   infinite   d)   very high                                                                ANS:  a)    0

2)  waveguide acts as:-
a)  LPF   b)   HPF   c)   BPF   d)   BRF                                                                  ANS:  b)   HPF

3) quality factor of series RLC ckt. increases with:-
a) increase in R  b)  decrease in R  c) doesn,t depends on R   d) none of these         ANS: b) decrease in R.

4) energy stored in capacitor is given by:
a) CV     b)   0.5CV   c)  CV2    d)  0.5CV2                                                          ANS: d)    

5) CMRR of an OP AMP is given as 80db and Ad is 20000.Value of Acm  will be:-
a) 4   b)     8    c)     2    d)    1                                                                                 ANS: c)   2

some basic questions were based upon digital electronics,ckt. analysis,antenna theory,zener doides.