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Technical - Electronics Delhi - 22 April 2007 by ISRO

Details of Technical - Electronics Delhi - 22 April 2007 by ISRO conducted by ISRO for job interview.
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hello friends, i have attended the isro(electronics) exam held on 22nd April 2007 at DELHI.

the pattern was:
(1)all questions were technical 
(2)no GK question
80 questions in 90 mns.

The pattern of xam was so simple & scoring for those who have also prepared for GATE.

A max. number of questions were asked from Antenna,Microwave& EMFT,apart from this main concerns were Digital Electronics,fundamental question on Maths(integration & prob) were asked.

Basically all the questions were either based on formulas or simple logic.I have attempted approx. 60-65 questions,osme of them are as given below;
1-SNR is defined as: 4 options.

2-To calculate the number of RAMchips for a given one: 4 options

3-The correct value of COS(A) in terms of exponential:    4 options

4-A figure to represent which kind of Flipflop:   4 options

5-A prob. on adder with shift register to identified no. of clock used to show the output (ie1010)  4options

6-Three questions were asked on Zener Diode to evaluate variable resirance,min. passing current & variable supplied voltage.   4 options

7- A problem on line to which passes thru point (-1,2) and making equal intercepts on both axis:   4 options

8-Transformer core requried    4 options with high permiability & low hysteris losses etc. like difft. values

9-To evaluate the prob. to get  either of 2 color balls in a bag containg 6 red & 8 black balls     4 options

10-A wire length 2m having restiance 5 ohms, what will be the resitance if its length bcome 2 fold:    4options