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Isro Placement Papers - 2008 by ISRO

Details of Isro Placement Papers - 2008 by ISRO conducted by ISRO for job interview.
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For engineering graduates,
Branch: Mechanical
Batch: 2008
The written exam is of one and half hours. It is objective. +3 for correct answer and -1 for wrong one. Its completely technical, includes few problems also. Subjects like thermodynamics, heat transfer, engineering mechanics, fluid mechanics, manufacturing technology and many more were given. Most mechanical subjects were covered.
Written results took a month. Result came by post first and later on by mail.
Each candidate,s interview took about 15-20min.The panel consisted of 8 or 9 members. If any question is asked , then further questions were asked depending on answer given. Questions like:
Subjects you like most
Subjects you do not like
About engineering project.
About welding
Newtonian fluids
Types of processes in thermodynamics
How many types of beams are there
What kind of beam is aircraft
Thermodynamics problem was given on board that 2 vessels are connected through a pipe and finite pressure values were given in vessels, how will fluid flow. Same question if in one vessel pressure is finite and the other infinite, what happens
About "materials used" in any project works and paper presentations
Results took little more than a month.
All the best and best of luck to all those who are applying!