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ISoft R&D Lab,Chennai ,20 September 2008 by iSoft

Details of ISoft R&D Lab,Chennai ,20 September 2008 by iSoft conducted by iSoft for job interview.
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Written Test
2.Technical Interview
3.Technical Inteview
4.HR Interview

1.Written Test
It consist of 75 Questions 1hour in Three section
1.Aptitude - 25 Questions
2.Analytical -20 Questions
3.C & Data Structure.-30 Questions

In Aptitude from basic,
2.Time and work
3.General maths - prime number,odd & even number
5.Profit & Loss

In Analytical section having 20 question in paragraph manner.
One paragraph have 5or 3 questions.
1.Like Blodd relations.
2.Red and Brown two marriage Group
3.Three house to Painted different colors and like that
4.P,Q,R,S,T,W,V to sit photo to rearrange the persons 1 who is nearer to p 2,Who is immediate left of S. Like that questions will come.

In C& Data Structure having 30 questions from to exhibit ouput from data structure,swap program, macros, Infix and Prefix notations.

printf ("%d",a++*++b);
2.Data structure notations like linked list. How to Insert a node in linked list, and so on.
3. x=25,y=35
x=x++ + y++
y=++y + ++x
printf ("%d %d",x,y);

4 Swap program and simple program
2.Technical Interview.
In first Technical they ask basic from c,c++,DBMS,java depends on your area of interest.Also, They ask to write some program and query like series, prime number. and DBMS Query.

3. Technical Interview.
After shortlisted candiate from first technical interview. In some deeply ask questions from Data structure Also DBMS Query, C,C++ Program

After finish your Second Technical interview HR Interview will conduct after 15 days. In ISoft first select all candidate for only trainee not Associate Software Engineer.After 6 Months Training The position will change.

All the best