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Placement Papers by Ionnor Solutions

Details of Placement Papers by Ionnor Solutions conducted by Ionnor Solutions for job interview.
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Hi Guys,

I have attended Ionnor Solutions Walk in for Fresher Trainees.
The Question Paper having 40 questions and time given was 60mins(1 Hour).
No Negative Marking. All questions all compulsory and carry equal marks. It is an objective type test.
As it is not able for me to remember all the questions but I am trying maximum i can mention:
There are theree type of questions:
1) English
2) Reasoning/Apti
3) Technical (DotNet)
There are three sets of exams A,B and C.
The questions in all sets are same, but the sequence is different.
1) choose the correct spelling type questions. For example
what is correct
A) Entrepreneur
B) Entropreneur
C) Entroprenur
D) Entroprener
approx 3-4 of this type.
2) Find error in the sentence. In this type of qns the statement was given in four lines mentioned with A) B) C) D). we need to find in which part there is error.
approx 3-4 of this type.......
Reasoning/Apti :
1) 1 question from clock. Like:
Cuurent time is 2pm and after 3 hours, how much degrees move by hour hand.
2) 1 question from trains. Like:
A train is running on a speed of 250 KMPH and a wan walking in the same direction with speed of 5 KMPH. The train passes the Man in 10 seconds then what is the spped of train.
3) The figure was given and we are required to find out no of triangles.
in onther question we are required to find out no of squres.
Most of the qns are of this type (approx 15-18).
Last Section Technical Dot Net:
The basic questions about the dot net Framework. For examle
What features are provided by the CLR.

All nd all it was really very easy. R S Aggarwal is sufficient.

Thanks ,