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Paper General - Interview by Interwoven

Details of Paper General - Interview by Interwoven conducted by Interwoven for job interview.
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This company is in Bangalore and they conducted a telephonic interview to screen the people at first level. This is the Technical interview conducted for 3+ years experienced in Java, J2EE.

1. Why do you want to leave current company ?

2. Explain MVC architecture and functionalities of various components ?

3. I have a file of very very large file size at client side, and I have a JSP page. Using this JSP page, if I want to send the file to a servlet (this servlet will store it somewhere), what is the best method to do it ?

4. What is the difference between normal beans and EJBs ?

5. How system level services in EJBs are managed ? And tell about Deployment Descriptor ?

6. What are various types of EJBs ?