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Placement Papers by Inphlox

Details of Placement Papers by Inphlox conducted by Inphlox for job interview.
1.) Is UNIX and Linux Both Are same?

No,Both are different.But Both are writen in POSIX standards , thats why lots of authors used to refer as same, but strictly saying both are differnt.

2.) Tell The Two Boot loader Names in Linux?

The Most Popular Boot Loaders are.

3.)What is the major advantage of a hash table?

The major advantage of a hash table is its speed. Because the hash function is to take a range of key values and transform them into index values in such a way that the key values are distributed randomly across all the indices of a hash table.

4.)What is NFS? What is its job?

NFS stands for Network File System. NFS enables filesystems physically residing on one computer system to be used by other computers in the network, appearing to users on the remote host as just another local disk.

5.)What is the main advantage of creating links to a file instead of copies of the file?

The main advantage is not really that it saves disk space (though it does that too) but, rather, that a change of permissions on the file is applied to all the link access points. The link will show permissions of lrwxrwxrwx but that is for the link itself and not the access to the file to which the link points. Thus if you want to change the permissions for a command, such as su, you only have to do it on the original. With copies you have to find all of the copies and change permission on each of the copies.

6.)In Linux OS, what is the file server?

The file server is a machine that shares its disk storage and files with other machines on the network

7.)Which field is used to define the user,s default shell?

command-The last field, called either command or login command, is used to specify what shell the user will use when he logs in.

8.)What is LILO?

LILO stands for Linux boot loader. It will load the MBR, master boot record, into the memory, and tell the system which partition and hard drive to boot from..