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Placement Papers 2010 by Inphlox

Details of Placement Papers 2010 by Inphlox conducted by Inphlox for job interview.
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1.) what are the two types of overloadings?

The Two Types of overloading are as follows.

Method overloading
Property overloading
2.) Whats the difference between include() and require()?

Both used for connecting to the database. but the main difference b/w them if we r using include()and the file is not found then a warring will be occure and script will be execute.. But in the case of require() a error will occure and script will be helt

3.)Explain different types of errors in PHP?

Its three types
1. Fatal error : this will stop the script.
2. Warning
3. Notice

4.)What are the different methods of passing data or information between two calls of a web page? What are the advantages/disadvantages of these methods?

we are using get, post ,session, cookie method for passing data. in get method it pass data through url. and post passes data through hidden variable. and in session we create session variable these variable store on server . and cokkie same as session but cookie store at client machine.

5.)What,s diffrence between Get() and Post() Function?

Get shows information travling on the address bar but pet do not shows in this way the post method is more secure than get

6.)Is there a way to encrypt text from php?

MD5() is a one way hash funtion. Its returns a hash but the hash cannot return the original string. Instead, AES_CRYPT (), BASE64_ENCODE() can be used for encryption.

7.)What is PEAR?

The PHP Extension and Application Repository, or PEAR, is a framework and distribution system for PHP code components. PEAR is short for "PHP Extension and Application Repository".The purpose of PEAR is to provide:
* A structured library of open-source code for PHP users
* A system for code distribution and package maintenance
* A standard style for code written in PHP, specified here
* The PHP Extension Community Library (PECL)
* A web site, mailing lists and download mirrors to support the PHP/PEAR community

8.)Which is the Best plateform for PHP?

LAMP Linux apache Mysql Php Because In Linux provides basic OS and server Environment In built Mysql no need to download

9.)PHP can be used frontend or for backend?

php can we used for backend it is the server side programmiing executrd in the server side