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Interview Questions by Inphlox

Details of Interview Questions by Inphlox conducted by Inphlox for job interview.
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1.) What are the different types of caching?

Page output caching, Fragment and Data caching.

2.) What are the two main keywords used for authorization?

Allow and Deny

3.) How many types of Authentication modes available and what are they?

There are 3 types of authentication as follows:

3.) Explain the differences between Server-side and Client-side code?

Server side code will process at server side & it will send the result to client. Client side code (javascript) will execute only at client side

4.) How do assemblies find each other?

By searching directory paths. There are several factors which can affect the path (such as the App Domain host, and application configuration files), but for private assemblies the search path is normally the application,s directory and its sub-directories. For shared assemblies, the search path is normally same as the private assembly path plus the shared assembly cache.

5.) What are the cycle of methods when page load?

The Cylce of methods when page load will be the following

Init() - when the page is instantiated
Load() - when the page is loaded into server memory
PreRender() - the brief moment before the page is displayed to the user as HTML