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Infotech Placement Paper VRSIDDHARTHA College Of Engg 28 December 2010 by infotech

Details of Infotech Placement Paper VRSIDDHARTHA College Of Engg 28 December 2010 by infotech conducted by infotech for job interview.
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Hi friends ,
This is lakshman from RVR&JC college of engg,guntur.iam from mech(production)branch Recently we had attended offcampus for INFOTECH held at VR Siddhartha college,the selection procedure is as follows:
1.written discussion 3.technical round 4.finally hr

For written test,just having a good knowledge of general apttitude is quite sufficient,here time management is important.questions are not that much difficult.Among 5 different sections,verbal part is somewat difficult,rest of them are comparatively easy.To clear this round,just go through RSAggarwal once

GD is the main elimination round.In a batch of 10 students ,only 2 or 3 cleared this round.our gd topic is "which fingure is important" and i didnt initiate the topic but i contribute valuable points to the discussion.To clear this round, be cool and confident and dont argue or dominate the group,and in some batches, 5 members cleared this round.other gd topics for my freinds were"BRAIN DRAIN",

This is also main elimination round,most of my friends rejected in this round only,for me the interview went cool,i was asked questions on thermal engineering,engineering drawing,strength of materials,design of materials,and they will defintiely ask ur area of intrest so prepare well for that

Finally hr round,this is just a cake walk.In this round,interviewer just asked me a small puzzle and paper presentations,then asked about my family background. After 3 days ,they send the list of selected candidates to my college .,and i am happy to be one of them.Just hav confidence and be cool,thats all, u will be get through .......i wish u all the best..freinds