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Aptitude - General Infotech Enterprises, by infotech

Details of Aptitude - General Infotech Enterprises, by infotech conducted by infotech for job interview.
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Hi friends,

  I am B.Tech fresher in E.C.E who attended the written test of Infotech Enterprises Ltd., on 22nd July 2006. First of all we have to register on the before day i.e., 21st July 2006 and get hall ticket, as it was a walk-in interview. There was heavy crowd and it was said the registration was from 2pm to 5pm but they started it at 11 am itself. After getting hall ticket the test was on next day.


The written test has following sections


1.Quant 15 questions

2.Analytical Reasoning-14 questions

3.Antonyms-3 questions, Synonyms-3 questions

4.Reading Comprehension-2 passages having 5 questions each

5.Data Interpretation-5 questions


That is a total of 50 questions to be attempted in 50 minutes


Following are few questions I remember




      The total ages of three persons A, B, C is 90yrs, 10 yrs before ratio of A, B, C ages is 1:2:3.what is Cs age?

      A train 500m crosses a tunnel 0.5km between the time 10:05am and 10:10am what is the speed of train?

      M persons decide to buy a gift for D price now three persons leave the group so what is the cost of the gift now to remaining persons?

      A boat moves upstream with 12km/hr and downstream with 16 km/hr what is the speed of current and speed of boat in still water?

      There are 30 puppies in two windows

a) 3/4th are male in left window

          b) 1/3rd are female in right window

            How many female puppies are there in total?

      Two types of alloys A and B have gold and copper in the ratio 7:5 and 6:5 if they are mixed in equal quantities ratio of gold and silver in this new mixture?

      A manufacturer sells goods to trader at 20% profit, trader sells to shopkeeper at 10% profit, shopkeeper to consumer at 10% profit if shopkeeper gets    Rs.1, 45,2000 original cost of the goods?

      What annual debt will discharge a debt of Rs.7620 due in 2yrs at 2% per annum compound interest?


I remember only these questions but this section is very easy.




 Questions were very big and confusing sorry iam unable to reproduce them here.



Refer Barrons


      Antonym of correct and so on

      Synonym of pragmatic and so on




      The two passages one was very easy but in one passage there were direct questions others v need to think a bit and answer




      This section is very easy and refer Barrons for this


The rounds after written test are