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Whole Testpaper GMRIT , Rajam - 19 May 2007 by Infosys

Details of Whole Testpaper GMRIT , Rajam - 19 May 2007 by Infosys conducted by Infosys for job interview.
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Written test Hr interview

The test is conducted under two sections:

(i) The analytical reasoning part(aptitude test)---40min(30q,s) (2) English usage(verbal test )---30 min(40 ques)

Aptitude test:
u have to be very fast in attempting this section :40 minutes and 30 questions
six questions are there each consist of 5 subparts

 Data interpretation: 5 ques  Data sufficiency: 5 ques  Analytical reasoning:5 ques  Syllogisms:5 ques:: use venn diagrams n 9 rules .  non verbal : 10 questions to pick the odd figure from 5 given figures

*1 questions from cubes(based on colours ) was also given under puzzles  no puzzles are asked in the written exam........
* For apptitude just do the above mentioned topics from r.s.aggrawal verbal n non verbal reasoning book ....esp syllogisms which has 9 rules (which is given in 2nd unit of the book under logical)

Verbal test :
i think nothing much u can prepare for verbal ...........its just general common sense questions i mean basics. it contains

 2 comprehension passage followed by 5 question each  Error corrections in sentences 5 questions  fill in the blanks  place the sentances in the proper order  conclusions Puzzle which was simple followed by 5 sub-questions,,,,i mean a paragrah containing some relations b/w few things r given n this is followed by  questions

we will have 2 reading comprehensions one is short n another lengthy the rc,s only in the last finish of all the questions n then come to rc,s
In my case i didnt have much time u have to be fast and for questions relating sentences try to read the correct use of nouns ,adverbs etc n pratice them ...........practice is the only thing which can help .........remember this and no barrons stuff is required for  infy .........

After completion of my written test ,we had to wait for almost 2 hours to get the result ...........and we were immediatly called for inteview.........

Coming to my interview ....It was not tat much tuff ,the interviewer just started by asking tell me abt urself ...later he asked me how did i prepare for my HR interview...for which i replied by ssaying some current affairs ,puzzles,etc. later he asked me to tell him a puzzle
-and a case study relating if u have not finished ur project in time then wat will u answer to ur boss n client ....................
-he asked me one puzzle .......for puzzles n case studies they will just check ur way of approach to it u dont have to give the right answer ......remember this later he asked me a whether i had any doubts ..
i asked a few wat is our role in doing a project in the company tats it ...finished later results were announced n i got thorugh luckly In interview they will just check ur speaking skillls and confidence thats it.
*Few of my friends were asked technical even so be carefull strong in ur basics in ur respective core subjects.
From our clg ard 160 attended it n ard 50 got through written n finally only 23 got selected among which i was one (lucky) ......